The Screenplay

Michael J. Weber


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Buchbeschreibung zu „Port-au-Prince“

Now, for the first time ever, the shocking truth behind the 2010 Haitian earthquake can be told. Politics and the occult collide in the story of an American bride honeymooning in Port-au-Prince abducted by a Voodoo cult and turned into a zombie. The same dark force responsible for Haiti's poverty and misery is behind the girl's abduction. Now the Voodoo spirits are angry and only an earthquake can save Haiti and her!

Newlyweds Evelyn and Dominick Bianchi choose Port-au-Prince for their honeymoon because the bride has long lost relatives there. One of her cousins, Bijou, is a famous Voodoo priestess. But an ominous feeling overwhelms Evelyn before the couple arrives.

The feeling of dread continues... On her first night in Port-au-Prince Evelyn sees a ghost, the ghost of Toussaint Louverture, one of Haiti’s founding fathers. We learn she is his descendant, as is Bijou, her cousin.

Bijou invites the newlyweds to lunch and poisons Evelyn. She begins hallucinating and mistakes another cousin for Toussaint Louverture, the apparition she saw the night before. Evelyn is under Bijou’s spell before she knows what hit her!

Bijou invites the couple to a Voodoo ceremony that night where they meet Jolicoeur, a mysterious Haitian power broker who is a dirty old leach. Dominick and Evelyn are drugged during the ceremony and something goes terribly awry!

Dominick wakes from his drug induced coma two days later in a Port-au-Prince hospital where a Haitian Police Inspector informs him Evelyn is dead. She burned to death in a fire! After viewing the charred remains Dominick doesn’t believe it’s his wife. He’s right!

Bijou has turned Evelyn into a zombie, a living dead person, in a bizarre kidnap for ransom plot masterminded by Jolicoeur. Evelyn, in her zombie trance, communes with ancient ancestors including Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Spirit of Death.

Through her trance we learn Baron Samedi placed a curse on Toussaint Louverture during the Haitian Revolution that amounted to a curse on Haiti’s future. Two centuries of poverty, misery, and tyranny followed, making life in Haiti hell on earth!

Dominick, the groom, is in way over his head! Jolicoeur is the largest slave trafficker in the Caribbean. If Dominick doesn’t fork over his life savings Jolicoeur will happily sell his zombie bride to the highest bidder!

Uncle Sam rides to the rescue in the person of Waldo Pell, a U.S. State Department liaison with murky ties to the C.I.A. Pell was going to arrest Jolicoeur before Evelyn’s abduction. Now he must save her from him!






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