Seaspray: The Quest for the Trilogy

Book Two of the Trilogy

Mel Odom


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Beschreibung zu „Seaspray: The Quest for the Trilogy“

Young halfer Juhg, the new master librarian, is still growing into his job as Grandmagister when an ally from the past returns. The wizened wizard Craugh bears warnings of an ancient threat that may resurface, the so-called "Kharrion's Wrath," which endangers the existence of the world.

Juhg must unlock the secrets contained in the journals of his absent mentor Wick, the former Grandmagister and legendary hero known as "the Rover." He must also continue the Rover's documented but clandestine search for a trilogy of books, which brings Juhg through many different realms of their very dangerous world.

With the first volume already secured, the librarian's quest turns to the next volume and the search for Seaspray, a magically forged sword needed to forestall the return of Lord Kharrion's Wrath. Juhg must once again venture across the Blood-Soaked Sea to secure its return.

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Tor Fantasy




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