Closure In The Novel

Marianna Torgovnick

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Beschreibung zu „Closure In The Novel“

We all want to know how novels end and to feel that they satisfy what we want in a good story. CLOSURE IN THE NOVEL will help you understand and appreciate why artists choose to conclude their novels as they do. It will give you a new appreciation for sequels, epilogues, back-stories, and the way that endings can complete a novel's form, sometimes at the expense of "fudging" some of what the story has been telling us all along. This is a book for anyone who loves a good novel and has ever felt tempted to look ahead to the last page!

With readings from a range of classic novels and modern ones by Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner, this book is a valuable resource for expert and general readers alike. It's written in a lively readable style that will make you feel at home with narrative form and tricky terms such as "closure."






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