Overview of Basics and Types of Fermentation

Manoj Parakhia R.S. Tomar B.A. Golakiya

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Beschreibung zu „Overview of Basics and Types of Fermentation“

Abstract from the year 2015 in the subject Biology - Micro- and Molecular Biology, grade: 2+1, Junagadh Agricultural University (Junagadh Agricultural University), course: Agriculture Microbiology, language: English, abstract: This summary gives an overview of Industrial Microbiology in key words.
Industrial Microbiology deals with all type of Microbiology which has an economic impact. It concerns with Isolation and Identification of Microbes from natural environment such as soil and water and optimizing the cultural conditions required for obtaining rapid and massive growth of these organism in laboratory and in frequenter.
Thus the fermentation industry is a part of industrial Microbiology here explain the basic concept of fermentation and the different parts of the fermentation process also explain the design of fermenter.


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