Boudoir Photography

Tips for Presenting Today’s Stunning Women, aged 21 to 81

Kyre Adept Madeleine Vite

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Beschreibung zu „Boudoir Photography“

Have you ever wondered how to produce great pictures that bring out the beauty of your clients? Celebrated photographer Madeleine Vite of shows exactly how she creates the images that remind her clients and models - of whatever age - just how gorgeous they can be. Illustrated with stunning photographs and easy-to-follow technical details, Boudoir Photography will take your most intimate work to a higher level.

Boudoir Photography has several unique features. To start with, the clients really do range in age from 21 to 81... and they all look gorgeous and glamorous. In the before-and-after sections, many talk about how they felt about the photo shoots, including how liberating and powerful they felt as the images developed. Madeleine shares her tips and techniques for composition, lighting, and post-production enhancements. As a woman or a photographer, if your aim is to celebrate feminine beauty through exceptional boudoir shots, this is the book for you!






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