Spiritual Archaeology

The Essential Guide for Explorers of Sacred Sites and Power Places

Luminous Antonio


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Integrative Archaeology is for the millions of people who travel each year to holy places, ancient temples and pyramids, archaeological sites, natural sites and unique spiritual locations around the world.

Integrative Archaeology delivers what explorers of Sacred Places are seeking – something that traditional tourism cannot provide – access to the invisible realms of existence, hidden spiritual wealth, life-changing personal messages and unique stories Sacred Places have to reveal. An essential travel guide – take it with you on any pilgrimage – anywhere in the world.

you on any pilgrimage – anywhere in the world.


• offers deep insights about Sacred Places and how to connect to them

• opens access to the healing, wisdom and transformational powers of sacred places

• shares preparations, divining skills and exercises to increase intuitive abilities

• unveils practical shamanism as a way to access the spiritual wealth of sacred places

• supports an inward focus, confidence and trust in the Self

Integrative Archaeology is a personal, multidimensional, multi-sensory search and exploration into the invisible realms of existence to discover hidden stories, customs, origins, practices and deeper meanings beyond the material evidence of ancient civilizations and cultures. Historical, personal and spiritual meanings emerge.


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