E-Marketing Project,Branding Online and Experience Brands

A focus on Diageo Plc.’s product portfolio

Luke Gipson


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Project Report from the year 2012 in the subject Communications - Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, grade: 76.0%, University of Kent, language: English, abstract: Branding is a fundamental aspect to any business; its ability to influence and create loyalty is a vital tool which requires constant attention and extensive resources. In 2005 The Economist published a special report titled “Consumer power – Crowned at Last” (Economist, 2005) which outlined the key transition of a power shift, from producer or provider to the consumer and customer. This is a common theme which shall be explored in order to understand how brands have adapted to this transition, but with a particular focus upon how brands have been applied online and digitally. In order to establish an in depth analysis of this subject area there will be a focus upon experience brands within the alcoholic beverage industry. Diageo Plc is the third largest alcoholic company in the world (Week, 2010); and will be the company that is the focus of this evaluation. Further emphasis will consider how brands associated with tangible consumption and experiences can use this new age of branding to maximise customer loyalty but also remain competitive and manage various external threats.

Layout: Before considering experience branding within the product portfolio of Diageo the two variables will be explained and described with the use of academic theories; various contemporary opinions and examples. This breakdown will allow the impact that branding has upon the products that Diageo sells to be analysed critically. Section 3 will outline Diageo and its main business practices and operations, with a strong focus upon its core products and its key branding strategies. Following on from this Section 4 will provide a general outline of branding and the important concepts that are required to understand how experience branding functions; for example the price differences in private labels brands and manufacture brands. Section 5 will focus on how branding has changed and developed over time, outlining the key factors that had caused this and how it has affected overall business strategy and branding. Section 6 will develop upon the points made within the previous section and apply them in more depth with a focus upon online branding. The primary focus will be on how online business and branding has enhanced the power shift between organisations and consumers. Also the options for online branding will be explored and applied to Diageo’s business strategy in relation to experience branding.


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