Jamie Oliver as a Manager and the Managing of his Restaurant "Fifteen"

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Beschreibung zu „Jamie Oliver as a Manager and the Managing of his Restaurant "Fifteen"“

Document from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 2.1, , course: International Travel and Tourism Management, language: English, abstract: Undergoing the project fifteen Jamie Oliver has had to assume multiple roles in creating and managing not only the organisation but also the staff he employs. Jamie Oliver would have worked with many applicants and then finally settling with his final fifteen. Jamie Oliver will have assumed interpersonal roles, informational roles and also decisional roles.

In terms of interpersonal roles Jamie Oliver has played the leader, the leader role is largely important and focuses on maintaining staff, motivating them and also guiding them. Jamie Oliver has shown leadership qualities when he took his group of fifteen out on a field trip to local suppliers, this shows that he has provided the group with motivation as he is providing them with a hands on experience where all
members of the group can take part and gain valuable knowledge. Jamie Oliver has also shown positive hands on leadership skills due to his emphasis he puts in to rewarding staff that put in the extra effort, this therefore promotes motivation further within the group and shows he is providing positive guidance.


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