Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don't Think So!

What to do when your doctor tells you to make changes for your health.

Kristen Carter

Medizin, Wissenschaft & Technik Gesundheit & Ernährung Sport & Fitness

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Beschreibung zu „Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don't Think So!“

So your doctor has told you to "lose weight" and "exercise more."

Did you tune out? Or when you heard it, did you immediately have thoughts like these:

"That's for other people, not me."

"I feel pretty good the way I am. Why change now?"

"It's too much work. I don't have the time or energy at this point."

"What difference will it make? Diets don't work. And I've never been able to

stick with exercise."

These are thoughts that come to many of us when faced with what seems to be a big change. It sounds like too much to do, it would upset your current lifestyle, and it might even hurt.

Sure, you know that doctors have studied many years in order to keep you healthy. Unfortunately, many doctors don't have the time to give you specifics on how to lose weight or exercise more. That leaves you in the dark as to where to start, and what would work best.

This book is designed to shine some light in that DARK SPACE. It does three major things.

1. Helps you understand why you could be thinking "no way", "I don't need that," or "I've tried and failed at that so many times" when it comes to diet and exercise.

2. Shows you that a few changes – changes that actually work – will have a big impact on your health and quality of life without causing major disruption.

3. Shows you that losing some weight and exercising more are THE two biggest things you can so for yourself and your life.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an advice book or another diet. There are too many of those already! Instead of telling you all the things you should be doing, this book lets you know that you are not alone in feeling resistant to change, that feeling that way is actually normal. This book gives you a map of what the journey to better health really looks like. It gives you a new lens for looking at your health, making decisions about it, and finding a way to make improvements you can live with.






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