A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Attracting Beneficial Insects To Your Garden

Kimberly Bell

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Beschreibung zu „A Mutually Beneficial Relationship“

If we garden, we have seen damage done by insects. Whether it is damage done to fruits and vegetables or to our prized ornamentals, it is frustrating to say the least. Often, seeing the damage provokes our indignation and we declare war on all the insects in the garden without considering the repercussions that our actions might bring. Instead of pulling a chemical pesticide off the shelf, an alternative method of insect pest control would be to attract the natural predators to our gardens. A simple and well known example would be using lady bugs to keep the aphids on our roses under control. Beneficial insects can do a much better job of controlling the pest population than we can, and it is possible and very rewarding to form a relationship with the beneficial insects. This manual explains who the beneficial insects are, how to design and create an insectary for the home garden and how to manage insect pests by attracting and sustaining beneficial insects.






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