One to Remember

Stories from 39 Members of the NHL’s One Goal Club

Ken Reid

Sport & Fitness

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Beschreibung zu „One to Remember“

<b>From the national bestselling author of <i>One Night Only</i> come 39 new stories about what a big-league goal can mean to an NHLer</b>

<b>Including interviews with Billy Smith, Chris Mason, Damian Rhodes, Christian Thomas, and <i>Slap Shot</i>’s Dave Hanson.</b>

This follow-up to Reid’s national bestseller <i>One Night Only: Conversations with the NHL’s One-Game Wonders</i> unearths the blood, sweat, tears, and laughs of the journey to and from a single big-league goal.

If you’ve ever picked up a hockey stick, chances are you’ve dreamed of scoring in the National Hockey League. Ken Reid interviews and profiles 39 men who did just that: they bulged the twine in the best hockey league in the world … but only once. From minor league call-ups to season-long mainstays and even a Hall of Famer, <i>One to Remember</i> answers all the questions …

What did that one tally mean? Was it enough to satisfy a lifelong ambition, or was it just the smallest taste of success? Is the achievement still cherished years later? Or is it bittersweet, a distant reminder of what could have been?


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