Body Heat



Katherine Garbera


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Beschreibung zu „Body Heat“

When it's hot, it's hot. She can take the heat of a five-alarm fire.

But can she fight the sizzling passion when she meets the man of her dreams?

Raised in an all-male family of firefighters, Andi O'Roarke has the right stuff to be a fire chief--one of only a few women who've overcome grueling odds to earn the job. Her brawny, tough-guy firemen respect her and treat her like one of the boys. That's fine with Andi. She's totally inside her comfort zone when barking orders and hoisting fire gear.

Outside the job, however, she's clueless about dealing with men.

Which means arson investigator Tucker Fields is going to turn up the heat on a flame she can't control.

Forget about the easy boy's-club friendship she has with her firemen; with Tucker the vibes are pure sex, desire, and temptation. He recognizes how hard she's fought to downplay every aspect of her femininity in the macho world of firefighting.

When he and Andi are thrown together night and day on an investigation, Tucker entices her to lose every inhibition, to give all control, to explore the scorching passion that can change their lives forever--and destroy Andi's career.

As Andi hides their relationship from her men, she fears that falling in love will leave her heart in ashes.


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