The Wrong Man

A compelling and page-turning psychological thriller

Kate White


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Buchbeschreibung zu „The Wrong Man“

A chance encounter leads to a fight for her life...

Kit Finn plays it safe in her personal life; any risky moves are saved for her work. But when she meets handsome Matt Healy on a business trip she decides she’s tired of being careful. Kit acts on her instincts and the two share a night of passion.

They agree to meet again when they are back home in New York City, but when Kit arrives at Matt’s apartment she is greeted by a total stranger claiming he is the real Matt. Realising she has been duped Kit decides to put the encounter behind her. But when the police ask her to identify a man killed in a hit and run, with only her business card in his possession, Kit is shocked to recognise the victim as the genuine Matt Healy.

Kit fears she has become unintentionally embroiled in a sinister web of deceit. With no real evidence to take to the police, Kit resolves to unravel the mystery herself. But can she do so before more lives, including her own, are put in danger?

For fans of psychological suspense and compulsive mysteries, don’t miss this tense and page-turning novel. If you love Peter Swanson and Shari Lapena, then you will love Kate White.

Praise for Kate White

‘A nerve-jangling adrenaline rush!’ Lisa Gardner

‘Utterly compelling.’ Karin Slaughter

‘A terrifying psychological thriller.’ Harlan Coben

‘Taut, tense and utterly gripping.’ Jessica Knoll

‘Suspenseful, twisty and sharply observed.’ Gilly Macmillan

'I read this is one sitting. Utterly gripping. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.' Reader review

'I could not put this book down... It's a clever book with some great characters, I could definitely imagine this on the big screen!' Reader review

'Gripping story from the beginning with plenty of twists.' Reader review

'An excellent well-written quality read. I didn't want it to end!' Reader review

Über Kate White

Kate White is the New York Times bestselling author of fourteen novels of suspense. For fourteen years she served as the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, and though she loved the job (and all the freebies to be found in the Cosmo beauty closet!), she decided to leave seven years ago to concentrate full time on being an author.

In addition to writing mysteries and thrillers, Kate is the author of several best-selling career books, including The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success, as well as I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: How to Ask for the Money, Snag the Promotion, and Create the Career You Deserve. She has been published in 15 other countries.

She lives in New York City.






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