Spiritual Odyssey: Selected Writings: 1985-1997 (2nd Edition)

Justin F. Stone

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Beschreibung zu „Spiritual Odyssey: Selected Writings: 1985-1997 (2nd Edition)“

Decades of study in the Far East, preceded by full careers in music and finance, provide Justin Stone with a rich and layered background from which he draws material for all his books. Friendships with Chinese teachers led to years of teaching T'ai Chi Ch'uan, after which he originated T'ai Chi Chih (not a martial art), a spiritual discipline rapidly spreading throughout the world. His spoken CDs on spiritual adventures in the Far East and on T'ai Chi Chih, as well as jazz piano recordings have been welcomed by tens of thousands. To Justin, the basis of all this (and his career as a modernist painter) is his own spiritual practice. Daily meditation at his house, with doors open to sincere seekers, and public talks on metaphysical subjects help spread the Dharma to those who are ready. Justin says he is overwhelmed by the gratitude of those who practice with him. He has never taken a tithing from any of his T'ai Chi Chih teachers, feeling his job is simply to pass along freely whatever he knows. The essays in this collection, previously published in the quarterly Vital Force Journal or monthly New Mexico T'ai Chi Chih News, lead readers through an unfolding spiritual odyssey. Subjects include T'ai Chi Chih practice, Eastern philosophical thought, aspects of meditation, and insights about spiritual practice.






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