Company Man

Joseph Finder


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Beschreibung zu „Company Man“

Would you cover up murder to protect your family?

Nick Conover, CEO of a major corporation, is a widower and single dad, struggling to bring up his ten-year-old daughter and angry sixteen-year-old son alone.

Then his family is threatened by a nameless stalker, and Nick is faced with a dead body and damning circumstances. To protect his family, he must cover up this murder.

Now Audrey Rhimes, a police investigator with a mission of her own, is determined to connect Nick to the murder. But Nick has begun to unravel a web of intrigue within his own corporation. His revelations could gut the company and bring him down with it. With everything he spent his life working for hanging in the balance, Nick Conover discovers that life at the top is just one small step away from a long plunge to the bottom...

Recent reviews for Joseph Finder:

'Stunning ... I can't remember when I last read a book so gripping and so satisfying' PETER JAMES.
'Smart, swift and well-informed' SCOTT TUROW.
'Terrific' IAN RANKIN.
'A writer at the top of his game' MARK BILLINGHAM.
'Fantastic ... Kept me absolutely on the edge of my seat' MARTINA COLE.
'Timely, twisty and impossible to put down' KARIN SLAUGHTER.
'A masterclass in ratcheting up the tension ... A classy, sophisticated thriller' J.P. DELANEY.


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