Effectively Managing and Motivating People

John Townsend

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Beschreibung zu „Effectively Managing and Motivating People“

This book will absolutely revolutionize the way you manage people. Effectively Managing and Motivating People explains the biology of human behavior and why people do the things that they do. Once you understand the basic biology of human behavior then you can apply that knowledge to understanding behavior in the workplace, the home and in those places where you encounter people in the course of your daily living.

All behavior is chemically controlled. This is a theme that I shall return to time and time again throughout this book.

Countless books have been written on the theories of people management and many are speculative. I will not be adding to their number.

I will explain the biology of behavior in an entertaining and informative way. This book is definitely not a hard slog. It is, however, based on sound scientific research. The information in this book derives from peer reviewed scientific literature.

Effectively Managing and Motivating People will provide the background to help you understand many of the functions of your brain, particularly in everyday management situations.

Examples and exercises focus this understanding on improving your performance as a manager. In addition the book recognizes that your performance as a manager also depends on your home and leisure activities and environment. It highlights many useful strategies for improving your day to day quality of life outside the workplace.

Much of this knowledge comes from recent discoveries in the field of medicine and neuroscience. Most of these discoveries have taken place over the past 25 years. The fruits of this painstaking research have been incorporated into this book to give you a new perspective on your role as a manager.

Once you acquire a basic understanding of the brain structures and chemistry responsible for behavior and motivation your ability to manage and motivate others will dramatically improve.

This book should be read by everyone who has responsibility for managing people.






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