The Sea, An Element In Verse

Herman Melville John Keats Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Beschreibung zu „The Sea, An Element In Verse“

The Sea – An Element In Verse. Who does not remember the immortal lines from childhood – ‘Break Break Break On Thy Cold Grey Stones’. The seas and oceans have a mystical power over us; from a playful day at the beach to the hysterical waves of the storm, this always changing element evokes both beauty and fear. Its great mass, its shimmering beauty, its raging howl and all in colours from blue to grey to green and crystal clear. In these collections of verse our poets – including Tennyson, Swinburne, Keats and Shelley and many others explore the relationship between ourselves and the great mystical waters. Many of these poems are also available on our audiobook version at iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores.


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