Paul The Apostle

Jimmy Swaggart

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Beschreibung zu „Paul The Apostle“

Paul, in my opinion, was the greatest example for Christianity ever produced by Christ.

The great Word given to Paul, which was the meaning of the New Covenant, which was the meaning of the Cross, presents itself as the greatest Word ever given to a human being.

I think it can be safely said and believed that it is Paul, who gave the world the great Christian Faith, to whom we must give the credit for the beginning of western civilization.

No human being has ever been brought from a hatred of Jesus Christ to an unfathomable love as was the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. It was a confrontation that would change the world.

In this book, I think you will learn not only about Paul, but about yourself, and above all, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Jimmy Swaggart Ministries




ca. 997





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