Small Indulgences

It's not the size that counts - it's how you eat it.

Jeanine M. Reed

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Beschreibung zu „Small Indulgences“

Good Things Come to Those Who Bake.

"Small Indulgences" came to me in the midst of preparing 24 mini-cheesecakes for a Christmas party. I'd spent the previous year churning ideas for the perfect bakeshop over and over in my head - something unique, yet mainstream at the same time. I tested a variety of approaches, products, sales techniques - all with varying degrees of success, but nothing felt quite right. Until it hit me! What I love doing most - making mini desserts in maximum variety. Mini cakes (i.e., cupcakes), mini cheesecakes, mini breads, danish, croissants, the list goes on and on... my love for all things mini and my passion for the confectionery arts finally crossed paths and "Small Indulgences" was born. This book documents my journey through the world of mini treats and tiny sweets, including recipes, photos, and stories to inspire and delight. But the journey doesn’t stop here - visit my blog (, which was the inspiration for this book, for many, many, many more small indulgences.

It's not the size that counts; it's how you eat it.






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