Missing Christopher

A mother's story of tragedy, grief and love

Jayne Newling

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Buchbeschreibung zu „Missing Christopher“

Christopher was 17 and he had everything to live for. He was smart, charismatic, loving, and deeply loved, and a champion rugby player. Yet behind the veneer of a popular and confident athlete he was struggling. Diagnosed a year earlier with depression and severe anxiety, he hid his fears from family and friends. Finally, Christopher chose to stop fighting.
This is the story of Christopher's shocking death and its tragic aftermath for the family. It is also the story of a mother and father's love, and their determination not to lose another son to the temptation of taking his own life. Honest, raw, and deeply moving, Jayne's account brings to life the visceral experience of grief and the long, painful journey towards finding meaning in life again.
This is compelling and inspirational reading for anyone affected by the death of a young person.


Allen & Unwin




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1 Kommentar zu „Missing Christopher“

Elisabeth – 15.09.2017

Das Buch - das Leben geht mir nicht aus dem Kopf. Zerreißend. Fesselnd. Tief traurig. Es gibt Einblicke in die Abgründe der Krankheit.

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