Son of the Wilderness

James C Tillman


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Buchbeschreibung zu „Son of the Wilderness“

“Son of the Wilderness” is a story written in classic fable style for the purpose of inspiring the young reader’s heart to develop moral character. The story is set in a fictional kingdom where a noble King is faced with a heart-rending decision. He must either allow his newly born son to grow up in a palace full of decadence or send him to be reared by a Huntsman, with no knowledge of his royal heritage. Follow the arduous adventures of the Son of the Wilderness as he discovers life’s true purpose and receives the reward of both the Kingdom and a noble heart. The Son of the Wilderness is the first part of a trilogy. It will be followed by “Princess of the Palace,” which takes readers on an adventurous journey in search of truth.

The fable, “Son of the Wilderness,” was written to stir children’s hearts to greater pursuits and awaken their imaginations to noble ambitions. Therefore, we have created a discussion guide as a way for you to engage a child in conversations that will help him or her to recognize the themes of godly character.


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