The Dante Conspiracy

James Becker


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Beschreibung zu „The Dante Conspiracy“

An ancient secret means the difference between life or death in this chilling thriller.

When the body of a poetry professor is found tortured in a deserted barn outside Florence, Inspector Perini is assigned to the case.

No murder of passion, it is clearly a professional job. When, hours later, thieves break into Dante’s cenotaph, it seems the two crimes may be connected by some missing verses from the ‘Divine Comedy’.

They could contain a code so valuable someone is willing to murder for it. But who? And why? As the bodies pile up, Perini is in a deadly race to find the secret before the killers. The truth will prove more shocking than he could have possibly imagined…

The Dante Conspiracy is a chilling thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Steve Berry and Alex Connor.

Praise for The Dante Conspiracy

‘An edge-of-the-seat thriller, with fantastic historical detail’ Robert Foster, bestselling author of The Lunar Code


Canelo Adventure




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