Jahnavi’s Yummy Cooking that Fights Cancer and Heart Disease

Jahnavi Sankhla

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Beschreibung zu „Jahnavi’s Yummy Cooking that Fights Cancer and Heart Disease“

Neal Barnard, M.D.’s words: “Good nutrition has a surprising ability to help the body heal. In this book Jahnavi Sankhla invites you to put this healthful approach to work.

Initially motivated to help her father recover from a serious condition, she learned how to prepare healthful foods that everyone will love fat-free tacos, nachos, pizza, and even donuts.

This book includes uplifting, engaging stories and personal anecdotes to inspire you in your own journey to the best of health.

Written with inspiration and detailed knowledge, this book will give you all the tools you need to get started. You’ll be on the road to the best of health and will inspire your loved ones to follow your healthful example.


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