The Art of Roaming Cooking

Easy Recipes Designed for Travelers

Jacqui Treagus

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Beschreibung zu „The Art of Roaming Cooking“

The Art of Roaming Cooking ebook is your must have travelling resource containing 50+ easy recipe ideas designed for travelers. As the recipes require only basic ingredients you can buy just about anywhere, can be made in 5 or less easy steps, do not require fancy cooking equipment or skills, or leave lots of left over ingredients you need to worry about storing or carrying, this ebook is a great resource when cooking in either hostels, motorhomes, couch surfing or self-contained accommodation.

The Art of Roaming Cooking will:

- provide inspiration and save you stress by not having to worry about what to cook all the time;

- give you confidence for cooking in a shared kitchen;

- save you money by not wasting it on ingredients you end up only using a little of or spending it on dining out;

- save you time by not having to sift through unsuitable recipes;

- save your health by ensuring you are consuming a variety of nutrients and lessening the temptation to buy dry, prepackaged meals filled with fats, sugars and preservatives.

Ingredients are listed with metric and imperial measurements and a metric/imperial conversion table is also provided.

This eCookbook is also useful for back home when you are looking for variety in cooking healthy, tasty meals on a budget with little fuss.

The Art of Roaming Cooking will ensure that you have a variety of the easiest recipes at your fingertips, making it less likely to be tempted to purchase ‘convenience meals’ on your travels - which means healthier body and budget! Being in digital form, the ebook enables easy access to recipes when you really need them – on the go, in the supermarket, quickly. Requiring only basic ingredients also helps to speed up the shopping experience! The recipes also leave minimum left over ingredients - no need to worry about how you are going to store or carry them. It is the perfect traveler's resource and makes a great gift too.


Jacqui Treagus




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