The Blast that Tears the Skies



J. D. Davies

Historische Romane

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Beschreibung zu „The Blast that Tears the Skies“

Rebellion and danger on the high seas… The gripping third Matthew Quinton adventure

1665: plague stalks the streets of London, the country is at war and conspiracies against King Charles II are rife. When given command of a vast and ancient Man-of-War, Captain Matthew Quinton finds himself thrust unexpectedly into the midst of the deadliest of these plots…

Grappling with scheming ministers and a rebellious crew, Quinton must sail his ‘cursed’ ship against the might of the Dutch fleet. Embroiled in the epic Battle of Lowestoft, one of the greatest conflicts fought at sea, he must pull his crew together, and fight for his life.

But in a shattering conclusion, he must face a terrible family secret that will push him to the limits…

The Blast that Tears the Skies, book three in the Matthew Quinton Journals, is perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and John Drake.

‘Hornblower, Aubrey and Quinton – a pantheon of the best adventures at sea!’ Conn Iggulden

‘Swashbuckling suspense, royal intrigue, and high seas naval action … an excellent seriesPublishers Weekly

The Matthew Quinton Journals

1. Gentleman Captain
2. The Mountain of Gold
3. The Blast that Tears the Skies
4. The Lion of Midnight
5. The Battle of the Ages
6. The Rage of Fortune
7. Death's Bright Angel
8. The Devil Upon the Wave


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