Love And Wisdom

The Real Meaning Of Life

Imre Vallyon


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Beschreibung zu „Love And Wisdom“

At the moment of Judgment after death, we are asked only two questions: how much did we love and how much true wisdom did we gather in our lifetime. We are not asked how successful we were in business, art, science, sport, politics or any other area. In “Love and Wisdom: The Real Meaning of Life”, author Imre Vallyon explains the profound importance of these two qualities: Love and Wisdom, which count for everything in the spiritual journey of the Human Soul.

This heart-warming book may well change the way you live your life. Once you realize what the Divine Consciousness asks of you, you will understand what you should emphasize in your life—seeking Wisdom and developing the capacity to truly love. This is the true purpose of life, and when you orient your life towards this goal, you will have the right answers at the moment of Judgment.


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