Lambda House Rules

Imelda Stark


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Beschreibung zu „Lambda House Rules“

Imagine an unusual University, one that proudly advertises itself to its conservative students and their families as promoting corporal punishment for disciplining wayward pupils. Every dorm has a dais in its living room upon which miscreants can look forward to having their youthful bodies bent over a horse and restrained in front of the avid eyes of their peers. Pleated plaid uniform skirts will be ceremoniously raised and conservative white cotton panties will be lasciviously lowered to offer up bare young buttocks to receive their just desserts from the leather paddles of their stern House Mothers and Head Girls. Girls whose feminine parts are observed to respond with arousal to their spanking are offered special private punishment that combines detailed chastisement of their erogenous zones with unimaginably gratifying sexual satisfaction. This is done in order to addict them to the world of painful pleasures as well as to recruit the next generation of perverted leaders to bend, bare, and belabor the trembling bottoms of the next generation of naughty girls and boys.


Pink Flamingo Publications




ca. 92





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