Smart Zombie

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The year is 1986 and property developers Barker & Co. are in a real pickle. They want to develop the old Shamrock Hotel into luxury apartments but are having trouble getting the squatters out. Dr Robert Hammond, Barker & Co shareholder and Psychiatrist from The Oaks Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, is stressed by the whole affair. He takes a holiday in Vietnam where he stumbles upon a ramshackle addiction clinic run by Mr Tang and a precocious little monkey. There he finds a solution to the squatter problem - a black notebook containing a step-by-step guide on how to make a Smart Zombie.

Back at The Oaks, his dark ambition is realised when four destitute people arrive for treatment. Stanley Seagram, a Vietnam Veteran with a nasty heroin habit is first. He is followed by chronic amphetamine user Shelley Hartman and habitual drunk John Hancock. These three people have genuine reasons for coming to The Oaks, unlike the enigmatic ex-con Arthur Newman who has come to find out what happened to Stanley. All he knows is that Stanley had a relapse and was sent to another rehab facility called Jeffery's Farm. The problem is that nobody seems to know where the farm is and those who do, are not prepared to divulge its location. While that is bizarre in itself, what goes on at the farm is downright outrageous. What happens afterwards is totally preposterous!


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