The Photography Of Gerald Hill

Gerald Hill

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Award winning Black and White photographer Gerald Hill, in his book "ELEMENT" demonstrates the power and detail of fine art photography. For over thirty five years Gerald has been using the craft to make bold uncompromising statements about the way he sees the world around him. ELEMENT is a book to be experienced, not just read. This book leads the way for those who desire to have the quality of a fine art coffee table book with the convenience and portability of an iPad or android based tablet. Taking us to higher levels of expectations, Gerald's book delivers the works of a master photographer for the whole world to experience. His images inspire and motivate people to reach outside their perceptions and notions about what photography is and proves to us all what it should be. Being referred to as a Black and White master by those of international authority in the craft and credited as an acclaimed print maker, Gerald Hill's stunning photographs can now be available to all those who curate their own digital library.






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