A Woman's Equal Share

Geegan Bridget Blanton

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Beschreibung zu „A Woman's Equal Share“

Chicago. 1889. Irish born Kate O’Rourke rises from obscurity to notoriety as a network of suffrage journals across America print her essay arguing for the vote for women. Provocation of the status quo brings violence to Kate’s doorstep. Kate physically survives the assault with her passion intact only to come face-to-face with elitism and prejudice within the suffrage movement. A Woman’s Equal Share, an historically-grounded sequel to Blanton’s debut novel, Whispers on the Wind, transports readers to a world behind the demonstrations, politics and competing strategies to forward the women’s vote referendum. Kate works through the darkness of self-doubt in the company of strong women, a growing trust in God and the love of a good man as she emerges surefooted on the path of her destiny. Kate’s journey takes shape against the background scenery of coastal Ireland, urban Chicago and the Santa Ynez mountains of California.


Desert Rose Books




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