Listen to Me!

My Life, My Story, My Truth, My Heart, My Way

Erica Nicole Young

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Beschreibung zu „Listen to Me!“

About the book:
This book is about a little girl true life growing up on the south side of chicago. It talks about suicide and rape that she had experience in life and how it effected her. It also talks about several different reltionship encounters at different ages that she was and what she went through in the relationships. It talks about family issues and the different relationships with her siblings and her parents. This is about triles and tribulations of real life. Never give up because god kept you for a reason. Find out what it is.

About the author:
I am a chicago illinois south side native. I wrote this book so that my family friends and others who think they know me can get a better understanding of who i am. I hope those who read this book who went through similar things as i did i hope i can help you feel better about the things you went through. I dedicate this book to my grandfather who helped raise me and i also dedicate this book to my two bestfriends that passed away myron moe and ambrianna collins. I love you guys and i pray your proud of me.






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