Analysis and Experiments of Carbohydrate

Ekta Prakash


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Document from the year 2014 in the subject Biology - Micro- and Molecular Biology, Allahabad University (Allahabad University), course: Chemistry, language: English, abstract: This book is concerned with experiments and methodology of carbohydrate with illustrated examples, graphs and charts. This textbook is useful for graduate and post graduate students.

Über Ekta Prakash

Dr.Ekta Prakash worked on various medicinal plants and their cytotoxic actiivities.She executed part of her research in C.D.R.I, Lucknow & IIIM, Jammu, India during her doc on medicinal plants. Also analysed carbohydrate and protein content of many plant latex and other biological samples. She has dozens of publication of research paper on biochemistry and molecular biology. She has published two books on molecular biology and biochemistry.She worked as Guest Faculty & Researcher in Allahabad University.


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