Life-Long Health: Learn How to Control Your Genes to Stay Young With Age

Dr. Hans Kugler PhD

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Beschreibung zu „Life-Long Health: Learn How to Control Your Genes to Stay Young With Age“

“In the burgeoning field of anti-aging medicine, Dr. Kugler, professor at RU in Chicago, and now president of IAAM Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in California, has been on the cutting edge. Whenever organizations rate their speakers, Dr. Kugler rates above the 7th percentile. I can say with my broad base of experience that Dr. Kugler is one of the leading lights in the field.” Murray Susser, MD, past President, American College of Advancement in Medicine.

Everything you do affects your genes, gene expression, and telomeres, thus affecting your remaining life potential, sex life, lean body mass, stamina, weight, and even how you feel when a friend gives you a hug (releasing the ‘feel good’ hormone Oxytocin in your body). Learning how to do the right things allows you to control your genes, thus achieving the life you desire.

A special detox that eliminates endocrine-disrupting and age-accelerating toxins from your body can re-activate blocked gene expression, your sex life, and works well with the (next best thing to stem cells) rejuvenating embryonic cell extracts.

Calculating your gene-expression age - - a 19-point check-list - - gives you a taste of how many factors contribute to YOUR aging process.

Understanding aging research - - from the theories of aging, how to interfere with causes of aging, and the miracle of NT-ESCs (individual-specific stem cells) - - will make it easier for you to decide which ones of the newly evolving anti-aging and rejuvenation modalities to incorporate into YOUR life.

Women’s concerns, from maintaining a fit, yet feminine, appearance, to body-shaping, HRT, and facial rejuvenation techniques, are addressed in this book. Due to Dr. Kugler’s experience in women’s fitness, he was nominated Award Presenter at the 2003 and 04 Ms. Fitness USA competition.

In this book you’ll find Nutrition check-lists to determine if taste-buds in your gut affect blood sugar levels in response to diet drinks, which health problems could be caused by HFCS (a sugar), and which CHD, breast cancer, and prostate problems that could be eliminated with a tropical fruit.

At HTC’s annual meetings, Dr. Kugler was frequently keynote speaker; his talks were scientifically logical,entertaining, educational and motivational.

About the exercise program in this book Dr. Jack Wilmore of Texas University states: “The bottom line is that Circuit Training programs continue to be effective beyond wildest expectations in producing changes in aerobic fitness, strength, lean body mass and very positive changes in body composition.“

With this logical, true science-based approach get twice the results and in only half the time.” Dr. Paul Ward, PED, Olympic Elite Athletes Coordinator, Track & Field.

In 2009 Dr. Kugler made medical history with an amazing non-drug heart recovery protocol and discoveries in his stem cell lab, discussed in the book, and presented at medical conferences in the US, and international cities like Bangkok, Baden-Baden, Germany, and Bejing, China.

I have seen a preview of Hans’ new book, “LOFE-LONG HEALTH”. Given what I know about his other books, as well as what I have seen in the new book, there is no doubt in my mind that it will be a success, as were all of his previous books.

Hans is a man who can motivate people through both the spoken and the written word. In my opinion this is rare. Usually, a person can do one, but not the other. Hans has the ability to do both. More importantly, when Hans speaks, people listen.

Scott C. Tips, President, National Health Federation, Editor in Chief, Health Freedom News

Once you are on the anti-aging track, the prolongevity check-list will show you how to access professional anti-aging sites, and where you can also get questions answered – all in the last chapter in this book, and at no charge.

Anti-aging and rejuvenation, from the ground up - adding in excess of 20 pro-active years to your life - is a definite and achievable reality.

Go for it!

God Bless!






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