Swan for the Money - A Meg Langslow Mystery 11 (Unabridged)

Donna Andrews


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Beschreibung zu „Swan for the Money - A Meg Langslow Mystery 11 (Unabridged)“

Meg Langslow's eccentric parents have a new hobby: growing roses and entering them in highly competitive shows. Dad's gardening skill and Mother's gift for selecting and arranging the blossoms should make them an unbeatable team?and Meg is relieved they've taken up such a safe, gentle hobby. She even volunteers to help when the Caerphilly Garden Club sponsors its first annual rose show. But after a few hours of dealing with her parents' competitors, Meg sees trouble... Rose growers are so cutthroat that they will do nearly anything to win the Black Swan trophy - making them all prime suspects when Meg discovers that someone is attempting to kill the wealthy woman on whose estate the competition is being held. Meg tries to leave the detecting to the local police and focus on the competition, but she just can't help getting her hands dirty when lives are at stake...

Gelesen von:

Bernadette Dunne


Dreamscape Media




7 Std. 55 Min.





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