Things I've Learned from the Audience

Thoughts From an Old Road Dog

Don McNatt

Film & Musik

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Your hands are a little sweaty, and your stomach is feeling somewhat nauseous. You wanted to be in this, but now. You’re not so sure. All those people will be looking at you,... judging you. You want to show them what you’ve got, but right now, it’s hard to remember what that was. There are so many of them. and up on the stage, you don’t feel part of them. You feel isolated and alone, and using up concentration, trying to control what you think must be visible shaking of knees and fingers. What can you do ? What could you have done? Is there an approach to get you going ?

After the Music lessons, or a study of theatrical technique, and lots of practice, it can still be a challenge to know how to get started and succeed with audiences, using the skills you have gained. This book offers thoughts on an approach, and especially an attitude, that will make lots of difference. These thoughts are offered by a veteran performer, considered a legend in some areas, who offers his observations of what is really important in this process, coming to these conclusions based on over 50 years of experience with audiences around the globe. The author puts forth the theory, that the really important ingredients, are the same for every performing art form. Having worked in more performing formats, than most, he has a unique perspective.






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