People that Changed the Course of History

The Story of Andrew Jackson 250 Years After His Birth

Danielle Thorne

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Have you ever wondered about the man behind the face on the $20 bill? Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was born 250 years ago. During his two terms as president, Andrew Jackson enacted a number of changes to the U.S. government and created policies that are controversial to this day.

On March 15, 1767, in a backwoods settlement in the Carolinas, Andrew Jackson was born into poverty, but eventually rose to become a wealthy and successful lawyer and politician. He was a brawler and viewed himself as the direct representative of common man in politics. During the War of 1812, Jackson served as a major general and became a national war hero. This popularity eventually led to him defeating John Q. Adams in the presidential election of 1828.

During his two terms as president, Jackson enacted several controversial policies, including the closing of the Bank of the United States and the Indian Removal Act, which eventually led to the Trail of Tears. Whether you love him or hate him, Andrew Jackson was one of the most influential presidents of his day. Take a closer look at “Old Hickory” and his impact on American history.

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Über Danielle Thorne

Danielle Thorne is the author of seven historical and contemporary adventures and more. From pirates to presidents, she loves to research and travel while writing poetry, novels, and non-fiction. Some of her work has appeared in places like Arts and Prose Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, and The Mid-West Review. She has co-chaired writing competitions for young authors and is active with several online author groups.

A former editor for Solstice and Desert Breeze Publishing, Mrs. Thorne keeps a blog and enjoys meeting readers and writers around the world through conferences and social media. Currently, she is working on her next piece of pirate fiction. She is a BYU-Idaho graduate, youth leader, certified diver, half-hearted runner, and unofficial foodie. She lives south of Atlanta, Georgia, with a Mr. Thorne and cat named Finnigan. Visit her at


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