TRUTH IS the POWER of SELF....Youthify Your Body, Mind and Soul

Cynthia Cariseo

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Beschreibung zu „T.I.P.S.“

For 35 years I have been practicing TIPS. Practicing all the things you are abut to read. Consuming everything I could on how to live a healthy, wealthy in mind and spirit life. In many cases the knowledge behind them have been around for centuries.

This book is filled with T.I.P.S. Tips that will give you wonderful information on how to lead a healthier life both inside and out. TIPS about food, the hottest anti-aging techniques and products, your precious pets, going green, how to get what you want. How to make life a little easier and a lot less stressful. Most of TIPS you can do in your own home.

All of the information in this book has helped me live a much better life and I hope it will do the same for you, your children, pets and friends.

My precious Lord Sno (my 6 pount year old Maltese/Chihuahua), myself and my friends are living proof that TIPS works.

If you do two things mentioned in this book to change your life, then you have made a differnce in your life and in mine.

"You have to be brave enough to see and strong enough to act"

This book is designed in Rococo...one of the most playful periods of ornate decor in the history of the world. We must always remember that no matter what we do in life...TO PLAY






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