Kollege Knowledge

A Grrl's Guide to Surviving the First Year

Courtney Fenner

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You've been accepted to college, you know what state it's in, and you sorta-kinda-almost know your possible major. But how should you schedule your classes? How do you handle your roommate's hoarder habits? Why are your clothes suddenly getting tighter? Kollege Knowledge to the rescue! This concise collection of advice is a girl's ultimate guide to successfully adapting to the first year of higher ed. From navigating a typical college day and resolving roommate conflicts to taking care of your health and preparing for that rockin' internship, Kollege Knowledge is here to give advice from education professionals as well as current and recently graduated college students.

Told with a healthy dose of comic relief (and love!), Kollege Knowledge aspires to be your companion throughout the tough early days of life in a world far different from that of high school.






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