The Terrifying True Story Of An International Hitman

Christopher Robbins

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'We took some prisoners and tied them up on the airstrip and left them out in the sun to die. Then we tied some up, put them in a DC3 and pushed them out of the door.'

This is the terrifying true story of international assassin Carlos Evertsz as he ricocheted between the high life in London, Madrid and the island paradise of the Dominican Republic – and some of the world's most horrific jails.

It is the complete dossier of an agent licensed to kill and who doesn't hesitate to unflinchingly state his own record of shocking atrocities. Written by the journalist who knew him best – even ending up on the assassin's hit list a few times himself – the story is as gripping as it is unbelievable.

Also part of Evertsz's weird world is Dr Manuel Sosa, a demonic intelligence chief with a taste for orgies, torture, blackmail, voodoo and murder. It's a scene you will find stranger than fiction - but remember as you read, it is all true.

Über Christopher Robbins

"Christopher Robbins is the author of six non-fiction books: The Test of Courage is the biography of Michel Thomas, concentration camp survivor, French Resistance fighter, and Nazi hunter; The Empress of Ireland is a memoir of his friendship with the Irish film director Brian Desmond Hurst, and won the Saga Aware for Wit; the travelogue, In Search of Kazakhstan, was short-listed for the Author’s Club Travel Award in the U.K., and the Geographica award in the U.S. The Ravens, a companion to Air America, charts the history of the men who flew in the secret air war in Laos.
Christopher Robbins was born on 19 November 1946, in Bristol, where he grew up and attended Taunton School. A gifted schoolboy, he started working for free on the Evening World and then the Evening Post. At the age of sixteen he won a talent competition and become "junior jazz critic" for The Daily Telegraph another Bristol local newspaper. He later specialized in investigative work – especially about the CIA – writing pieces for the Observer Magazine.
Christopher Robbins lives in London and France."


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