Switched Forever

Reincarnation Mystery Romance

Cara Hodge


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Buchbeschreibung zu „Switched Forever“

Zoe Northeast has come back from the dead…

After surviving a brutal attack, doctors declare it a medical miracle. But sensing her everyday tastes changed – her interest in science replaced by a mysterious gift for painting - Zoe’s world is on the verge of unraveling completely. And then Zoe’s ghost won’t leave her alone–a ghost of her own likeness - and the cracks in her identity continue to widen perilously. As the hunt for her killer continues, she finds herself at the heart of an unexpected and reckless love triangle between two very different men, both of whom may hold the mysterious secret of what happened to Zoe Northeast. A secret that may ultimately force her to face her death. Again.

‘Dark and delicious’

‘A page turner…full of unexpected plot twists’






ca. 288

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