Spartacus Berlin Gay Guide 2014 (English Edition)

Briand Bedford

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Beschreibung zu „Spartacus Berlin Gay Guide 2014 (English Edition)“

Since 1981 our gay guide "Berlin von hinten" has enjoyed immense popularity in the gay scene. Since the beginning our guide has more and more international readers. Berlin is becoming more international and attracts young people from around the world. To adapt to this trend, we have come up with a new title. The new name is the Spartacus Berlin Gay Guide. In this guide we list the reasons why a visit to Berlin is so important. Sex, events, culture, sights, shopping - this abundance in Germany is only possible in the capital city. There is also a list of address from businesses and locations that are worth a visit. There are also local maps which help the reader find his way round this metropolis. Useful information for overnight accommodation, tourist information, the public S + U network maps, gay press, physicians etc is found at the back of this guide.






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