The Prayer Preparer

Practical Prayers For Positive People

Brendan Lloyd


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Beschreibung zu „The Prayer Preparer“

Prayers, healing, unconditional love – don't know much about them? You're not alone! Prayers can be a source of hope, so if you answer the question "do you pray?" with "nope", don't be a dope, you're holding hope in your hands…well, a tangible form of hope at least.

While this book may not be a parody video game console called a "PrayStation" that offers hours and hours of entertainment, it will offer you techniques for bringing healing and unconditional love into the world. If the song 'All You Need is Love' is true, it's good that someone finally found a healthy interpretation of the word 'love' and even better that you found this book!

The Prayer Preparer will give you a helping hand with prayers, and even the confidence to create prayers of your own. Whether you're religious, spiritual, or undecided, prayers are only ever a few pages away, so start your prayer-paration today!


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