Learning to Play Guitar : Exploring Chords and Scales

Bob Fetherolf

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Beschreibung zu „Learning to Play Guitar : Exploring Chords and Scales“

Exploring Chords and Scales is an amazing 138 pages of information that can turn you into a master guitarist on either the acoustic or electric guitar! This course is literally two books in one and includes a complete study of primary scales, pentatonic scales, rock and blues, and an advanced study of modes, as well as a “Working Musicians Chord Dictionary”. The joys of playing lead and rhythm guitar and so much more are about to be explored, discovered and mastered by you! It is a continuation of Book One entitled, “Learning to Play Guitar: Beginning and Intermediate Guitar Lessons, yet it is a complete and valuable study in its own right. These accelerated learning concepts for the twenty first century will give you a solid foundation that will last a lifetime! This exciting guitar method is based on years of teaching guitar students of all ages, and reflects some of the best and most modern and updated teaching ideas from around the world. Within these pages you will achieve the unification and understanding of the entire guitar fretboard. Included is the ever popular “CAGED” guitar system for learning chords and their related scales (as was touched on in book one). The 300 plus years of guitar history and pedagogical literature and technique is also a part of this solid foundation of guitar learning. Within these pages are included methods that are now proven to be more effective than older methods: the result of a few hundred years of existing study. What we have here is “Guitar Learning for the 21st Century” and beyond. Therefore, both classical and modern scale pedagogues will be included and contrasted. As well, this book is intended to be a follow up and extension to Book #1. Some of the concepts introduced in book one will be explored in greater depth. With well over three decades of teaching and studying music and three music degrees from CSULA, UCLA, MIT and more, I have done my best to present the best and most updated information available in an easy to understand and “tried and true” method for the 21st century and beyond! I humbly wish you much success in your study of guitar and thank you for your interest in this book. In closing I shall point out that much of the information is available on internet and other resources (library, music stores,bookstores, etc), but this book gives the student of guitar a-one stop- collection and resource to reference and study. Congratulations and good luck.






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