Online Dating Guide – Surviving the First Date

Bill Richards

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Okay, I know you are already asking yourself what this guy can possibly share that has not already been published in an Internet dating book or posted on a blog somewhere? What new insights can he possibly provide? I would be skeptical myself if I were you based on the plethora of information out there.

What I promise to offer you is the personal touch - valuable tips compiled from my online dating experiences over a one-year period with approximately 32 women (I am fairly sure they were all women anyway). The numbers are a little fuzzy but I assure you there were at least 32.

Along with my dating stories I will share valuable lessons I learned from each experience. I will also share some of the things I learned about myself; unfortunately, I discovered I am shallower than I ever thought or cared to admit.

This book is for anyone who is thinking about using an online dating service or currently using a service with little luck. I will provide you with some great tips so you don’t end up wasting your time online, and hopefully you will get lucky and find the person of your dreams like I ultimately did – still together after 10 years!

Here is an overview of some of the dating experiences I will share:

Pot Sticker Airline Pilot

I was accused of being a sex addict that wanted her daughter. We were less than 10 minutes into the date and she was on her second helping of pot stickers.

Disproportionate Rear

Some things you don’t necessarily discover from a head shot - until the first date.

Psycho Psychiatrist

Still living with her ex-husband and they were trying to have a baby together. She wanted me to come over for dinner.

Big Date in San Francisco

Oh she weighed at least 300 lbs. and forgot to mention that part. This is proof that several hours on the phone is not enough to screen properly.

I Like Sushi, But Only One.

Didn’t bother to mention she weighed 350 lbs six months ago. She had gastric bypass surgery and now there was a little extra skin to deal with.

The Horny Musician

We were an hour into the date and she was already jumping in my bed asking me to take her.

The Truck Driver Woman

“So are you sexually attracted to me or what?” she asked me. What happens when you say no…

Married With Children

Nice to know at the end of the evening; then she crashed her car in my parking lot.

The Math Geek

She loves math but hates to shower or wear makeup.

I Washed My P****

Things that most people just assume but don’t necessarily share on the first date?

Crazy about Sunshine

She actually fell for my African Dung Beetle story.






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