Shades of Play

Start Playing and Keep Playing Guitar

Bill DuBois Mark Kuta

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Beschreibung zu „Shades of Play“

Do you think you would like to play guitar? Are you a beginner? Did you buy a guitar that is now collecting dust under your bed? Have you learned a few chords but now seem stuck in a rut? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Shades of Play is a must read. It is THE prerequisite to becoming a guitar player. You are either a guitar player or you are not, there is no grey area. Exposure to the simple instructions Bill and Mark explain in Shades of Play will lead to the following symptoms; a strong desire to buy a guitar, addiction to learning new chords, anxiety of adding another new song to your repertoire before your next party and sleep loss playing guitar with friends. Understand what it is you need to think about before you even pick up a guitar. If you need to buy a guitar and some toys that go along with it, there will be help for that. Discover just enough of the “how to” to get you playing songs along with what it takes to keep going. Before you buy a guitar or put your guitar for sale on eBay, read Shades of Play. Be a guitar player for life.






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