For the Love of Ireland

A Celebration of All Things Irish

Bairbre Meade


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Did you know?

• Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest more times (seven!) than any other country.

• Ireland has had its own version of the Olympics – the Tailteann Games – since the Bronze Age.

From the castles, battles and mythology of yore to the landmarks and geography that still impress today, Ireland has the power to captivate us all. This miscellany is fizzing with fascinating trivia about all things Irish, so as well as getting the low-down on their sparkling music scene, rich literary pedigree and sporting greats, you’ll also gain unique insights into all the incomparable things that make Ireland grand.

Über Bairbre Meade

Bairbre Meade is a writer from Tipperary, Ireland, currently living in London. She has an M. Litt in Dramaturgy from the University of Glasgow and a BA International in English and Law from NUI Galway. She was longlisted for Fast Train Scotland Drama Competition, run by the BBC Academy, and her play The Hold was in the top 20 at Bristol Old Vic.


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