Pocket Nutrition Guide to Fruit & Vegetables

A Concise Guide to Nutritional Content, Helping You to Eat Healthier

Amanda Fraser

Gesundheit & Ernährung

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Beschreibung zu „Pocket Nutrition Guide to Fruit & Vegetables“

We have all been told to "Eat Your Greens" but why are fruit and vegetables so good for you? In this handy, concise guide, nutritionist Amanda Fraser summarises the health and nutrition benefits of a wide range of fruit and vegetables. Packed with punchy, useful nutrition information, yet written in an easy to understand style, the Pocket Nutrition Guide to Fruit & Vegetables is an informative and useful resource for the health conscious shopper and chef.

Divided into easy to access sections, the book individually discusses 24 fruits and 43 vegetables - in each case summarising key nutrition information as well as advice on how to store. Detailed without being overwhelming, this book will provide great insights into the various health and nutrition characteristics of a wide range of fresh produce items.

The book also helpfully pulls together the nutrient view of these fresh products - summarising the fruit and vegetable sources for nutrients such as Vitamins, Folate, Calcium and Iron in one handy summary table.

Providing comprehensive nutrition information in a concise, easy to understand style, Amanda Fraser's Pocket Nutrition Guide to Fruit & Vegetables is a great addition for any health conscious reader keen to understand more about why it is beneficial to eat fruit and vegetables.






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