Dunja's erotic stories

Dunja Romanova

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Beschreibung zu „Dunja's erotic stories“

My name Dunja Romanova. With this book I would like to share my lust and sexuality with you.

I was born in 1982 in the Soviet Union. More precisely, in Rybinsk, under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius. We emigrated to Germany in 1996. Our way led us at that time to Berlin.

I am 162 cm tall and have a plump but aesthetic figure. I have a bulging, 95 E-basket. By nature my hair is blond and my eyes green to bluish. I have been wearing my hair short and in different colours for many years.

Meanwhile I am heavily tattooed. To my father's annoyance I also had the backs of my hands tattooed. So, now you also have an optical idea of me in the stories. But feel free to imagine something else as well.

I hope, I can prepare you with my fantasies and experiences a small joy and/or inspire you to erotic acts ;)

Your Dunja






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