Der Hundeführerschein

Sachkunde – Basiswissen und Fragenkatalog

Celina del Amo Karina Mahnke Renate Jones-Baade

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Beschreibung zu „Der Hundeführerschein“

The Dog Licence – The Original
Reference book – basic knowledge and catalogue of questions
5th, revised edition
Do you own a dog and wish to sit the dog licence exam? This book gives you all the basic information you need for successfully passing the dog licence test: how did dogs evolve? How do they learn, and how do they communicate? What are they afraid of? What do we actually mean by successful dog training? “The Dog Licence” has all the basic information on dogs, touches on all the relevant legal topics and contains a comprehensive catalogue of questions according to the requirements of the testing agencies so that you can prepare yourself perfectly for the proof of general knowledge questions. Our special extra: how a dog licence test is conducted.


Verlag Eugen Ulmer




ca. 99





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